3D Printing is Disruptive Innovation


3D Printing is part of the disruptive innovation. Why? 3D printing cuts both time and cost in manufacturing, design, and production. Instead of cutting from a mold 3D printing prints layer by layer which will revolutionize manufacturing. There are many benefits to 3D which include but are not limited to: shorting productive time, shifts power to designers, reduces the cost of manufacturing, and can generate machine learning architectures. The most important aspect is the end-user parts. This will play an essential role in Relativity Space, which is a rocket manufacture startup.

The Verge has posted an article on Relativity Space describing the potential the company has in innovation. Relativity Space wants to revolutionize how rockets are manufactured through automated 3D Printing. Relativity Space will be led by executives trained at Blue Origin and SpaceX. The company has printed its engine injector and chamber in just 3 pieces, which is faster and more efficient. “Relativity’s goal is to disrupt the entire process of manufacturing rockets. “For the last 60 years, the way rockets have been built hasn’t really changed,” says Ellis. Instead of relying on the traditional, complicated assembly line of machines and people sculpting and piecing together parts of a vehicle, Relativity wants to make building a rocket almost entirely automated. The trick? Using giant 3D printers that can create all of the parts needed to build a rocket — from the engines to the propellant tanks and structure.”

You can visit their website 

Source: The Verge

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